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Path to sparring your business idea and to entrepreneurship

Start-up entrepreneur sparring

We provide support for the early stages of entrepreneurship from the moment the company is still a dream, idea, hope or hobby. Our free service for start-up entrepreneurs is intended for everyone considering entrepreneurship and setting up a business in the Business Joensuu operating area.


Starting a business may seem challenging, and starting entrepreneurs are often concerned about similar things, such as finding customers, securing their livelihoods and imposter syndrome. However, the only way to succeed and overcome challenges is to try - that's why your courage and determination will lead you to a world of real opportunities. A start-up entrepreneur has a lot of new questions, which is why it is a good idea to discuss them with others. Following your dream may seem hopeless - which is why the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur are self-belief, courage and goal-orientation. 

Help for personalised entrepreneurship  

Every entrepreneur is different, and in the future, different forms of entrepreneurship supporting employment will become more common. This is why we want to help you find the way to entrepreneurship that best suits you. You can become an entrepreneur through several different routes, and it can be your full-time or part-time job. For example, your path to entrepreneurship can begin little by little as a student or light entrepreneur or as a hybrid career that combines paid employment and entrepreneurship. Becoming a full-time entrepreneur is often a natural continuum on the path to entrepreneurship. 

We support different forms of entrepreneurship and want to help you find the right way for you based on your business idea, personality and life situation. Our business coach answers questions that are on your mind, helps you find a path to entrepreneurship personalised for you, and gives you ideas on how to plan your business activities. 

Sparring your business idea 

In addition to directing entrepreneurship in the start-up entrepreneur service, we assess your business idea, its potential risks, the profitability of the business, and funding opportunities. We help you get your business ideas on a clearly marked path from the start. 

Support network for entrepreneurs 

Other entrepreneurs are important members in the support network of start-up entrepreneurs. From the first contact with us, you will start growing your entrepreneur network where you can share information, ideas and peer support with entrepreneurs interested and experienced in entrepreneurship. Come participate in the events organised by Business Joensuu and join us in networking with other entrepreneurs. Our events provide versatile information and coaching from different areas of entrepreneurship. 

Business coaches at Business Joensuu help everyone interested in entrepreneurship and starting a business personally in our area of operation in the Joensuu region and Central Karelia.

Entrepreneurship during studies 

We cooperate with the Riveria University of Applied Sciences, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland, the Eastern Finland Sports Institute and the Joensuu Conservatory in entrepreneurship studies. We also train and coach at various events and happenings. Please contact us if you want us to talk or coach at your event!

Contact for personal sparring

Do not hesitate to contact us and request a personal entrepreneurship sparring and business advisory free of charge. You can reach out to our business coach Satu Niiranen for sparring sessions in English in Joensuu and business specialists in Heinävesi, Ilomantsi, Kitee, Outokumpu Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä, and Tohmajärvi. You can also contact us by leaving a contact request.


Entrepreneur info event 

Date: October 31, 2023
Time: from 1 pm to 3 pm
Place: Joensuu Science Park, meeting room Coaching Class (3B-building, 4th floor). Address: Länsikatu 15, 80100 Joensuu.

Are you interested in starting a business in Finland and would like to learn about the process of establishing a company? Do you need more information about taxation, different types of company forms, and other practical matters? Or would you like to hear how you can develop your business idea step by step?

Join our Entrepreneur info event on October 31, 2023 at 13.00 - 15.00 to learn the basics of starting a business in Finland. The event is also a great opportunity to network and meet other people interested in entrepreneurship. 

This event is open to people from Joensuu, Heinävesi, Ilomantsi, Kitee, Outokumpu, Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä and Tohmajärvi. Register to attend the event by October 24, 2023, by following this link.