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Update your digital skills

Digital development of a company

Do you need practical support for your company's digital development? We can help you increase your understanding and knowledge of digital tools. Where you start from doesn’t matter - we tailor the service to the needs of every entrepreneur. 

We help you grow your digital expertise and find the tools that are right for your business development. You do not need to have an understanding of technical terminology. We work with an expert to find solutions that suit your business needs - and all this clearly in your language!

At the beginning of the service, we will map out your company's key digital development needs, after which you will have the opportunity to take part in practical workshops where you will learn to use the digital tools that are suited for your company: 

  • Digital marketing tools (search engine optimization, Facebook/Instagram advertising, Google advertising, Analytics, Linked In customer acquisition)

  • Production planning systems and ERP solutions 

Practical support for your company's digital development

Our experts will help you brainstorm and find suitable partners. When these new ideas mature into investments, you can easily get financial guidance from our adviser. You will get help in mapping out financing sources, the planning of investment and development projects, and support in filling out funding applications.