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Business Stories

Companies describe their competence, activities and business. Our customers shed light on the results they have achieved with us. Read and get inspired!

22.03.2023 City of Joensuu

The desire to develop and become developed is characteristic of PrimeTalous Oy's entrepreneur Heidi Laaninen. After working for years as an employee at an accounting firm, she chose entrepreneurship...

02.02.2023 City of Kitee

Standing still is not something we do, says Marianne Hoppu, CEO of Narskuttelu Oy. That is indeed not something Marianne and Pekka Hoppu, entrepreneurs from Kitee, Finland, have ever been known to...

28.12.2022 City of Joensuu

We can hear barking from the majestic spruce forest along Ketunpesäntie Street in Joensuu. Anita Seppälä is taking the Bernese Mountain Dog Sanni for a walk. Anita Seppälä and her husband Hannu...

23.11.2022 City of Joensuu

Asia, South America, Europe. Jarno Valkonen travelled around the world for 17 years, carrying the responsibility for gigantic pulp mill projects. But a couple of years ago, he simply had enough of...

26.10.2022 City of Joensuu

It is impossible to reach a stable state: all-affecting change is impossible to avoid. Bad times are around the corner unless business is making profit, says Jani Tarvainen, Managing Director of...

27.09.2022 Heinävesi

The 31-year-old Leväniemi Activity Centre is a true millennial. An innovative motivator that nurtures environmental values and responsibility, and uses social media skilfully. This company is...


08.03.2023 Business Joensuu news

Sparring and guidance from our business coaches to work on your Start Me Up competition idea is available on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 3-5 pm at Joensuu Tiedepuisto or on Teams!

07.02.2023 Business Joensuu news
07.02.2023 Business Joensuu news