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Welcome to the forest capital of Europe

Forest bioeconomy

Joensuu is a global leader in forest bioeconomy. Approximately 83% of the entire area of North Karelia is covered by forest. This provides an excellent opportunity for the utilisation of raw material. The region has top expertise in the sustainable use of forests, and special competence areas include new technologies, digitalisation of forestry, renewable energy and circular economy, collection of forest information and management of forest resources. This is made possible by the expertise that has been gained through various research, development and business initiatives. 


Forerunner in digital forestry

In Joensuu, the extensive expertise in forestry is combined with top expertise in photonics, strong IT education offering and software companies. The region’s expertise in forest bioeconomy can be seen, for example, in the fact that there are more than 500 companies and 6,000 jobs in the sector. 

The region’s unit of Natural Resources Institute Finland and the headquarters of the European Forest Institute EFI are recognised to have the top expertise in the sector, making our forestry ecosystem to rise on the top level. Several companies that are successful both in Finland and abroad operate in the region:

Education is provided for professionals of all levels, from vocational education to doctoral degrees: