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The future is built in Joensuu - be involved

Business Joensuu relocation services

Quick and easy relocation in the Joensuu region

Relocating your business, setting up a new location or acquiring a business is seamless with the right partners and services!

We help your company identify the best partners in the region, network with companies, research organisations and the public sector, recruit suitable experts and find solutions for your company's needs for premises. If you wish, we can organise a visit to Joensuu so that you can meet your future company and cooperation partners.

We can help your company with many things, such as:

  • Recruitment of experts
  • Finding facilities
  • Dealing with permits
  • Examining financing options and applying for investment and development aid
  • Finding product and service development partners
  • Staff relocation

Are you looking for new customers, partners or experts to grow your company? Interested in business acquisitions? Get in touch with us to discuss what the Joensuu region has to offer to your company!

Solution to your premise needs

Whether your company needs an undeveloped plot of land, an industrial-scale production space, a modern and comfortable office or workstation for your first employee - we have the solutions to your premise needs.

The location of premises is of crucial importance to businesses. Joensuu has a wide range of business plots and finished premises around the city region. Growing markets, complete supplier networks, good transport connections and business areas utilising synergies between companies, such as energy production and the optimisation of material flows, form an attractive operating environment in the Joensuu region. 

Business parks and greenfields for companies are available all over the city, as well in rural areas surrounding Joensuu. 

We will find suitable premises and greenfield options for your company in Joensuu and the region: Outokumpu, Ilomantsi, Polvijärvi and Heinävesi.

Also Kitee, Tohmajärvi and Rääkkylä are included in the Business Joensuu area of operation. We can tailor plots and premises to the needs of your company. Come and make your business succeed in the best location.

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Relocation to the Joensuu region through company acquisition

The Joensuu region has many interesting start-ups as well as established companies with the potential to grow. Company acquisition is an efficient way of establishing a business in the region and taking advantages of Business Joensuu's partner networks. Based on the customer criteria, we map potential companies for acquisition and assist in the process from start to finish. All our activities are based on absolute confidentiality.

The Osuva marketplace connects companies looking for new owners and buyers looking for companies for sale. Osuva offers an easy way for you to search for interesting companies for sale. Contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more about the service!

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Best talents for your company

We offer your company support in finding the best talents, including recruiting employees – also from abroad, if necessary. We offer different tools for recruitment, explore funding opportunities and provide guidance when applying for funding, if necessary. Additionally, we assist you in taking advantage of the exceptionally wide opportunities offered by the education sector, private training providers and training subsidies in Joensuu.

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Best funding opportunities in Finland

Business Joensuu helps you in exploring suitable funding options, planning development and investment projects and preparing applications. In the Joensuu region, it is possible to apply for business development funding from the ELY Centre. The maximum amount of ELY Centre investment funding is 40% and the maximum amount for development projects is 60%. The financial grants in the Joensuu region are the highest ones in Finland.

Our tools also include two regional investment funds and an extensive network of investors, which also includes European funds. The funds and loans of Business Finland, as well as the guarantees, loans and other services of Finnvera are also available.

Business Joensuu Start Up Fund helps start-up companies who are relocating in the Joensuu region to grow, employ people and become international. Together with the Business Joensuu Business Accelerator and internationalisation services, the fund supports the domestic and international growth of its target companies. The main focus of the fund is on companies that specialise in digitalisation, the forest bioeconomy and materials and innovative technology.

North Karelia Growth Fund invests in newly established young enterprises, especially in the fields of digitalisation, forestry and bioeconomy, photonics and materials science as well as tourism and creative industries.

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Suitable partners to create a competitive value chain

If product development and the application of new technology are at the core of your business, we offer services for agile product development in cooperation with our research and development partners. Forest bioeconomyindustryphotonicsICT and extractive industry are the strengths of our region. We offer unique expertise and networks for national and international cooperation in these business sectors.

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Explore opportunities in Joensuu - a day programme according to your wishes! 

We will prepare a customised visit that meets your company's needs. During the visit, you will be able to explore the opportunities offered by Joensuu:

  • Through an initial assessment, we will help your company identify its market potential, potential business partners and other partners in the region.
  • We will organise meetings with potential partners, research institutes, universities, educational institutions and authorities.
  • We will find out the supply of workforce that your company needs.
  • We will explore support options for recruitment and continuing education services.
  • We will figure out the most potential space solutions for your company