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World-class photonics expertise in a rapidly growing operating environment

Photonics Joensuu

Joensuu has a photonics cluster important at the European level.

Micro- and nanophotonics as well as spectral imaging have been profiled as the speciality of the city, and their applications are utilised, for example, in augmented reality screens and various mobile devices, such as e-books and sports watches.


The headquarters of both Photonics Finland and the European Optics Society are located in Joensuu. The region already has more than three hundred photonics experts, the Photonics Center that serves companies, and Finland's leading photonics training centre. University level photonics research and education has been organised in Joensuu since 1970.


Photonics Joensuu is a consortium bringing together significant actors in the fields of research, development, education, business and innovation in the Joensuu region. Photonics Joensuu promotes RDI activities and business life by supporting the growth of the region’s photonics companies and the establishment of new companies in the region.

We enable new kinds of solutions, supporting our customers’ product development processes, equipment needs and innovation ideas. Joensuu boasts leading research expertise, facilities and equipment, top-level workforce and the necessary networks.

Business Joensuu offers extensive services at all stages of business activities – from smooth relocation to growth and internationalisation.

Photonics Center

The Photonics Center is a unique platform for photonics companies, educators, researchers and service providers.

The Photonics Center operates in connection with the University of Eastern Finland and is at the heart of business, research and technology in Joensuu. It offers companies a service package from premises to experts and from shared use devices to business growth. The Photonics Center makes it possible for companies to reduce the time it takes to launch products or services onto the market.

The Photonics Center forms a commercial photonics ecosystem in the Joensuu region that attracts companies and experts in the field and supports the growth, networking and internationalisation of existing photonics companies.  

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The education offering in Joensuu and UEF’s research in photonics, in particular, create trust in the availability of talented workforce. The subcontracting networks in the area are also an important factor for relocating our company in Joensuu. In addition, Business Joensuu has helped us find premises and funding.
Vadim Kiyko, Hypermemo Oy