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Bring your customer service center to Joensuu

Customer service centers

Good availability of skilled and motivated staff and competitive cost level is behind the success of the many customer service centers in the Joensuu region.  We at Business Joensuu will help your company throughout the relocation process from recruiting to finding the best facilities. 

The customer service center sector is well-established in the Joensuu region and employs over 1000 people. Among the significant employers are for example telecommunication companies Elisa ja DNA, service center for Finnish Defence Forces, Palkeet, CGI and Terveystalo. Good availability of staff, multifaceted and flexible education sector and modern facilities with an excellent service offering for your employees offer keys for success. 

”The Palkeet service center operates in Joensuu, Hämeenlinna, Mikkeli and Pori. Our employees are motivated and committed to providing customer-focused and reliable finance- and human resources services for the state. We consider our skilled and professional staff as an asset that enables continuous development of our company. In addition, the smooth collaboration with educational organisations plays a big role. We are very pleased with the service offering in Joensuu."

- CEO Tuija Kuivalainen, Palkeet


”We founded our new sales unit in Joensuu one year ago with the thought that recruiting sales negotiators would be easier here than in the capital region. It was easy to choose the facilities and services at Science Park for creating a fantastic setting for our operations. At Science Park the premises are functional, technology works, the staff can enjoy a pleasant social environment with services (for example lunch restaurants) and the Science Park staff is eager to answer all our questions."

- Head of HR and communications Sari Raki, Suomen Moneta