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An attractive operating environment is the key to your company's success

Greenfields and business parks

The location of premises is of crucial importance to businesses. Joensuu has a wide range of business plots and finished premises around the city region. Growing markets, complete supplier networks, good transport connections and business areas utilising synergies between companies, such as energy production and the optimisation of material flows, form an attractive operating environment in the Joensuu region.

In the Joensuu region, business areas and plots are located along good transport connections and offer excellent transport opportunities on rail, road and water routes. However, excellent transport connections alone are not enough, as Joensuu's business areas also strive to provide companies with other concrete benefits, for example, through energy production and the optimisation of material flows. When the backdrop is a multidisciplinary university city that is known for its entrepreneurial friendliness, you would be hard-pressed to find a better framework. Come and make your business succeed in the best location.

At Business Joensuu, we want to make investments and placement in the Joensuu region easy and straightforward. Our business experts provide assistance in finding the best business plot, building premises and financing. Read more about the business areas and contact us to work together to find a solution for your company's premises needs.

Greenfields and premises are tailored based on your business needs

The business areas in the Joensuu region range from industry to trade and services. Joensuu has set its goal of being carbon neutral to as early as 2025, and green energy solutions will also be developed in business areas to achieve this goal. Business parks and plots of land for companies are available all over the city, as well in rural areas surrounding Joensuu. 

In accordance with the land use programme of the city of Joensuu, the company plots are mainly rented. Business plots ready for construction and information on their surface area, building rights and prices can be found in the city's map-based electronic plot search service. In addition to the finished plots, there are extensive blocks in the business areas where plots can be tailored to the needs of companies. 

Contact us and let's find find the best premises and plot options for your company in Joensuu and the region: Outokumpu, Ilomantsi, Polvijärvi and Heinävesi. Kitee, Tohmajärvi and Rääkkylä are also part of the Business Joensuu are of operations. 


Discover greenfields and business parks:


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