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Take your business to systematic and controlled growth

Growth coaching


Do you recognise that your company has growth potential? Or is your company already growing, but managing growth is challenging? With the help of coaching, you will gain systematic control over the growth of your company.  

In Grow² growth coaching, you will clarify the goals, opportunities and concrete measures of growth and turn them into a 3-5 year growth plan. The goal is the controlled and determined growth of your company. The coaching is carried out in groups of 6-8 people in which you can also exchange experiences, views and thoughts diversely with other entrepreneurs. In group coaching, your own growth plan is built step-by-step through advance assignments and confidential discussions. As a result, your thoughts about growth will inevitably become clearer! 

The coaching includes: 

  • Ten group meetings: Group meetings lasting 2.5 hours are held every week. Competing businesses are not placed in the same groups.
  • Versatile advance assignments precede the coaching sessions, which you can also do together with the key personnel of your company.
  • Personal meetings with your own coach.
  • Growth is also supported by Business Joensuu's comprehensive growth and development services.

The coaching is suitable for you when:

  • you want to grow your company in a controlled and systematic manner over a period of 3-5 years,
  • you can commit to the coaching for 10 weeks, and
  • your company's turnover is approximately EUR 600,000-6,000,000. 

The coaching costs €140 + VAT for participating companies. The training accumulates €1610 in de minimis aid. We require participants to commit to the training, and a confidentiality agreement, which applies to the entire group, will be signed by all participants.

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