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Funding and investments

Business Joensuu helps you in exploring suitable funding options, planning development and investment projects and preparing applications. In the Joensuu region, it is possible to apply for business development funding from the ELY Centre. The maximum amount of ELY Centre investment funding is 40% and the maximum amount for development projects is 60%. The financial grants in the Joensuu region are the highest ones in Finland.

Exceptionally good investment and development grants for companies


We help you with financing matters at all stages of your business. We can help you with planning, applying for funding and submitting applications.


The Business Joensuu’s Start Up fund helps start-up companies relocating in the Joensuu region to grow, recruit and become international. The fund obtains its capital from the City of Joensuu and private investors. Together with the Business Joensuu Business Accelerator and internationalisation services, the fund supports the domestic and international growth of its target companies.


The main focus of the fund is on business activities related to digitalisation, forest bioeconomy and materials as well as innovative technology. The companies in the fund are not subject to any field-specific restrictions. The target company must be located in the Joensuu area, be willing to move to the area, or be connected to the area through its operations. The fund's capital is EUR 2.5 million, and a typical investment is EUR 50,000–200,000.


The fund may also act as a gateway to new investment rounds. The fund cooperates with local and national investors and the

The North Karelia Growth Fund - The objective of the venture capital fund North Karelia Growth Fund, which invests in young companies in North Karelia, of reaching a capital of EUR 6 million was met in November 2020. The purpose of the fund is to revitalise and strengthen the business life and entrepreneurship of the North Karelia region and to provide an opportunity to invest in the region.


In particular, the North Karelia Growth Fund fund invests in companies operating in the fields of digitalisation, forestry and bioeconomy, photonics and materials science, tourism and creative industries.


The fund is managed by the international capital investment company Redstone which has strong expertise in developing growth companies, which means that investment targets receive not only financial but also concrete support for business growth.


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