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Growing business

Want to take your business to the next level? In terms of growth and business development, key points include recruiting skilled personnel, clarifying your strategy, digital development, finances, planning corporate acquisitions or finding premises. Identify and overcome barriers to growth and seize opportunities - we can help you. 


Short-term group coaching for small entrepreneurs

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Growth coaching

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Management coaching

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Digital development of a company

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Yrityksen tuote- ja palvelukehitysvalmennus_ikoni_Business Joensuu

Company's product and service development coaching

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Funding and investment logo Business Joensuu

Funding and investment

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Start Up -fund_Start_Up fund_Business Joensuu

Investments in growth companies

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Change of ownership service Business Joensuu

Change of ownership service

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Personnel and competence services Business Joensuu

Employment and recruitment services

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Public procurement tendering and procurement counceling icon Business Joensuu

Public procurement tendering and procurement counceling

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Growth from Business Accelerator Business Joensuu

Growth from Business Accelerator

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Ikoni kansainvälinen valmennusohjelma - Business Joensuu

International business coaching

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Ikoni Kansainvälinen rekrytointipalvelu - Business Joensuu

International recruitment service

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Business mentors and councelling service Business Joensuu

Business mentors and councelling service

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Services to support the growth of Liperi companies Business Joensuu

Services to support the growth of Liperi companies

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What to consider as a growing company

Milestones for a growing company

Plan for controlled growth and management
Employer image, recruitment and skilled employees
Digital competence and tools to support sales
Funding as the engine of growth and investment
Internationalisation as part of growth
Acquisitions as an alternative to rapid growth
The company's operations on a responsible and sustainable basis

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The service is free for our customers and is intended for all entrepreneurs and companies interested in business development and growth in the Business Joensuu operating area.




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