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Find experts and develop as an employer

Employment and recruitment services

Recruiting the right experts is one of the key factors in a company's growth and development. Does recruiting new personnel feel challenging or does it seem impossible to find the expert you are looking for? When you’re wondering about matters related to employment relationships, recruitment or competence, we can help you.

Finding a suitable employee can sometimes be challenging - how to reach applicants and get experts to commit to work? As the operating environment changes, recruitment and employer competence must also be updated at times. This is why we help companies in the Joensuu region in all matters related to personnel, recruitment, personnel competence and being an employer.

Employer coaching and guidance
We coach companies in the region in various matters related to being an employer. Get in touch if you are wondering about recruitment, personnel competence development, being an employer or other employment or personnel matters. 

Future Employer coaching
Develop your HR, recruitment and employer skills. Check out our current coaching sessions, workshops and webinars.

Recruit #therightexpert coaching
The aim of this coaching is to help your company find new experts. At the same time, you will gain competence in modern recruitment and tips for acting as an employer. We will support you in your company’s growth!

Foreign experts
Looking for experts from abroad? In that case, check out our international recruitment services.

Can we help you in some other way?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us in all personnel related matters! Contact request form for Employment and Recruitment Services