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Path to the growth of new business ideas

Start Me Up for business ideas

The Start Me Up business idea competition is Finland's longest-running and most significant competition in terms of the prize value, motivating hundreds of participants annually to submit their own business ideas for evaluation and recognition by a jury. The competition has been the starting point for the growth of many successful businesses entering expanding markets.

Since 2000, Start Me Up has played a key role in identifying growth entrepreneurs and businesses in North Karelia, solidifying its position as one of Finland's most significant business idea competitions. With over 2700 ideas submitted to the competition, many have grown into successful businesses both domestically and internationally. Annually, significant efforts are invested in promoting the competition through various media, and it is organized by Business Joensuu in collaboration with its partners.

The competition application period is open annually from February 1st to March 31st, with the winners announced by mid-May.

Awards and business services accelerate the journey from a business idea to commercial success

The Start Me Up business idea competition aims to find innovative and commercially viable business ideas that promote entrepreneurial growth and startup culture in North Karelia, as well as nationally and internationally. The competition inspires individuals, students, researchers, and companies to unleash their creativity and rewards potential ideas. Quality awards and available business services provide the impetus for the commercial success of business ideas. All business ideas, whether originating from Finland or abroad, are welcome to compete.

Start Me Up serves as a hub for developing and evaluating business ideas. The competition offers a unique opportunity to test and refine ideas, secure funding for growth, and launch and expand business operations. Participants have the chance to receive ongoing support and coaching from the Business Joensuu business services coaches, even if they do not reach the prize positions. We share our expertise and networks to enable business success.

Start Me Up business idea competition news

15.05.2024 Business Joensuu news

VitalSigns Oy’s innovation in the field of health technology, the Response 1.0 diagnostic device, has been awarded the first prize in the Start Me Up business idea competition. The smart device...

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