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International and growing ICT Hub


The regional ICT network includes international companies and top experts of the future. As a pioneer of the industry, the business sector focuses on areas such as remote sensing of natural resources, international software business, care management systems for health and social care, innovations in the industrial internet and the advanced development of ICT environments.

The network of ICT operators in the region is constantly growing, and companies focusing on digital marketing, for instance, are on the rise. The development of the ICT sector is also strongly supported by the fact that Joensuu is a leading European centre of photonics research and business.

Already more than 100 ICT companies operate in the Joensuu region and employ over a thousand industry professionals. Hundreds of ICT professionals and experts graduate in the region every year from the University of Eastern FinlandKarelia University of Applied Sciences and the vocational school Riveria. Joensuu’s reputation as a centre of information technology and the digital economy also attracts international experts and expertise. Business Joensuu’s networks also make it easy and fast to hire experts from outside Finland.

Several national and international ICT companies operate in the region, including:

  • GIS solution developer for natural resource management Arbonaut
  • Company specialised in data erasure Blancco
  • One of Finland’s largest IT companies CGI
  • Solutions for procurement planning and contract management Cloudia
  • Care Management Systems provider Fastroi Oy
  • Software solutions for infrastructure Keypro
  • The largest bank in the Nordic countries Nordea
  • Software solutions for a variety of industries Process Genius
  • Digital design agency Siili Solutions
  • Software developer for education Solenovo
  • International expert in service design and consulting Solita
  • Learning solutions provider Valamis