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International and growing ICT Hub

ICT Hub Joensuu

Growing ICT community in a human-sized city - a dynamic growth environment for ICT companies and professionals

The Joensuu region's ICT network has spawned numerous international success stories. As a pioneer in the field, the business sector focuses on international software business, social and healthcare operations management, industrial Internet innovations, remote sensing of natural resources, and development of demanding ICT environments. There are already over 100 ICT companies operating in the Joensuu region, employing over 1000 ICT professionals.

The development of the ICT sector is supported by Joensuu's unique forest bioeconomy cluster, strong plastics and metal industries, and a leading photonics research and education hub.

Dynamic University City: Graduates from three levels of education

In Joensuu, the collaboration between the education sector and local businesses is strong. Every year, graduates emerge from various fields, from programmers to data economists. Many choose to stay here after graduation because the ICT sector in Joensuu offers diverse career paths, a stable operating environment, a versatile talent pool, and enjoyable workplaces.

Annually, over 1100 ICT students study in Joensuu, and hundreds of ICT professionals and experts graduate from the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and Riveria, which offers vocational education. Joensuu's reputation as a hub for ICT and digital economy attracts international talent as well; about a quarter of Joensuu's ICT students are international.

Joensuu's unique ICT education path and business-friendly growth environment provide the best conditions for success. It's easy for both companies and professionals to settle here.


"When Siili Solutions decided to expand to new locations, Joensuu was selected among several cities due to the dynamic ICT activity in the area. Here, Siili finds top-notch digital service experts, and strong educational institutions continuously produce new talent. We also received necessary assistance from Business Joensuu for mapping and settling in the city." -Siili Solutions Oy

ICT Hub Joensuu services

ICT Hub Joensuu organizes coaching, training, and networking events as well as a larger annual ICT event in Joensuu. The goal is to strengthen industry growth and networking among companies. ICT Hub Joensuu also assists companies and professionals interested in Joensuu's ICT opportunities but not yet operating in Joensuu.

Upcoming events

Events are intended for member companies of ICT Hub Joensuu.

April 11, 2024: MEET UP: Culture in IT and beyond

April 18, 2024: Why and How do Neural Networks Work? In collaboration with Karelia University of Applied Sciences

May 16, 2024: MEET UP: Voice control



Services for companies in the Joensuu region Plus sign

The ICT Hub Joensuu being built in the Science Park organizes events based on the needs of local ICT companies and regional opportunities, including:

  • Current topics such as new technologies: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc.
  • Branding and product development
  • Needs of business management and experts in a global and evolving business environment

ICT Hub Joensuu organizes coaching, training, and networking events as well as a larger annual event SOHJO in Joensuu with the aim of strengthening growth and networking among industry companies. The company-specific participation fee in ICT Hub Joensuu activities is 300 euros, which includes all the aforementioned events and resources, as well as marketing visibility and the opportunity to influence the development of ICT Hub Joensuu (until September 30, 2025). Places are limited.

Join ICT Hub Joensuu, contact:

Pinja Konttinen

+358 50 452 1597


Services for companies outside the Joensuu region Plus sign

ICT Hub Joensuu also invites companies from outside the Joensuu area to join our network. Joensuu offers many opportunities for ICT companies:

  • Modern and versatile facilities
  • Seamless collaboration with the education sector and a diverse pool of professionals
  • Collaboration across sectors: networks in forest bioeconomy, photonics, and metal and plastic industries
  • Business Joensuu's range of services for companies, from smooth relocation to growth and recruitment of experts

Interested? Contact:

Mervi Huttunen

+358 50 408 9189

ICT Hub Joensuu members: