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Buying and selling a company - see our transfer of ownership service

Change of ownership

Buying a company can be an alternative way to become an entrepreneur instead of starting a new business. It's also an excellent way to grow your business. A change of ownership of a company is a multi-stage process, and it is a good idea to reserve enough time for careful planning. The Osuva company exchange is a marketplace focusing on transfers of ownership, which helps both the seller and the buyer in the transfer. 

On the online company exchange service Osuva you can: 

  • Investigate the potential of selling your company and launch the sale of your company.
  • Find out about your readiness to buy and learn about company acquisitions under the direction of our team.
  • Estimate the price of your company with our calculators.
  • Search for companies for sale by using different search criteria on the free company exchange site. 

When a company changes owners, you might also need competence in taxation and legal issues. With the help of our networks, you can find the right experts - get in touch!