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Welcome to read our minor and major news, as well as stories describing what the Joensuu region is like to live and run a business in!

08.11.2023 Photonics industry
Expertise in micro- and nanophotonics stemming from Joensuu, Finland, is joining the Chips for Europe Initiative, which addresses challenges related to the availability of microchips in Europe.
01.11.2023 Photonics industry
In Joensuu, one out of every three people you see on the streets is a student, and now we also have a fair number of fresh students of technical subjects, also known as teekkaris. At the beginning...
25.11.2022 Business Joensuu news

The events of the Photonics Week, which started with the opening of the Joensuu Photonics Center on Monday 7 November, saw over 350 researchers, company representatives and interested city residents.

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15.05.2024 Business Joensuu news

VitalSigns Oy’s innovation in the field of health technology, the Response 1.0 diagnostic device, has been awarded the first prize in the Start Me Up business idea competition. The smart device...

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