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HyCom Core Oy's UCOT platform strengthens Finland's position as the Hub for Arctic Data Transmission – Hyperscale data center planned for Rovaniemi

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HyCom Core Oy, a deep technology company based in Joensuu, is introducing its next generation data transfer solution, the Ultra-Compact Optical Transceiver (UCOT) platform. The company elevates Finland's status as a center for Arctic data transmission, playing a key role in the ambitious hyperscale data center project in the city of Rovaniemi. The UCOT solution will be globally unveiled at the Slush 2023 event, emphasizing the strategic importance of the Arctic data transfer ecosystem.

Rovaniemi leads as the Hub for Arctic Data Transmission – Hyperscale Data Center planned

In Europe, there is a significant focus on improving data transfer capacity, reliability, and security, including the development of new submarine cable systems, such as those in the Arctic. Arctic data cables, upon landing, have the potential to facilitate rapid data connections to Asia and North America. The increasing international interest in Arctic regions underscores Finland's, especially Lapland's, key role as a hub for data transfer. The City of Rovaniemi has initiated a study to develop the Arctic data transmission ecosystem. In the planned hyperscale data center project, the city aims to achieve fast data connections to Asia and North America, strengthening Finland's position as the center for Arctic data transmission.

HyCom Core Oy plays a key role in Rovaniemi's innovation-driven data center project. The data center can leverage the company's advanced Ultra-Compact Optical Transceiver (UCOT) data transfer solution. This next-generation technology is designed to enhance the energy efficiency, performance, and flexibility of data centers. In the ongoing preliminary phase of the data center project, HyCom Core leads the establishment of local and international connections, evaluates alternative operational models, and assesses the needs of data transmission.

Crucial role of UCOT – efficient, environmentally friendly, and modular data transmission

The rapidly increasing global demand for data, driven by applications like artificial intelligence and macro-level trends, requires more efficient data transmission solutions. The UCOT platform offers not only technological advancement but also an environmentally friendly alternative. Thin-film lithium niobate enables fast data connections within and between data centers, crucial for the development of Arctic regions. UCOT also improves the energy efficiency of data centers, a critical aspect for hyperscale data center projects.

Pauli_Turunen_Hycom_Core Oy

Pauli Turunen, CEO of HyCom Core Oy, emphasizes the significance of the UCOT solution in meeting the growing needs of artificial intelligence applications. For instance, image recognition methods continuously demand more computational capacity than the market currently provides.

- The platform enables data center providers to offer green, cost-effective, and modular solutions that meet the requirements of future data transfer. In practice, it is possible to enable direct optical connection simultaneously between all computers in a data center. The Rovaniemi data center project can leverage next-generation technology to improve the energy efficiency of data centers, says Turunen. He highlights the need for hyperscale data centers with specific performance and flexibility.

Start Me Up business idea competition win in 2022 paved the way for future data transmission

In 2022, the HyCom Core team with their UCOT platform won the Start Me Up business idea competition organized annually by Business Joensuu. Following this achievement, the team has been strongly focused on developing the patent portfolio and advancing their business.

The team will participate in Slush from November 30 to December 1, with a showcase on Thursday, November 30, at the Slush 2023 Y-Science event, presenting the UCOT platform and the future of data transmission.

Pictures: HyCom Core Oy, Far North Digital LLC

Pauli Turunen
CEO HyCom Core Oy, +358 (0)50 35 24 500

HyCom Core Oy
HyCom Core Oy is a Joensuu-based startup founded in 2023 that develops next-generation comprehensive data transfer solutions for data centers. The company's unique UCOT platform enables greener, more cost-effective, and modular solutions that meet the requirements of future data transfer. The team possesses strong and diverse expertise, ranging from component-level knowledge to leading corporate product development and commercializing technologies. Currently, the company is in discussions with international major customers and investors. Business Finland supports the company's internationalization efforts.

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