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Finnish Enterprise Agencies and  Business Joensuu collaborate

Finnish Enterprise Agencies and Business Joensuu collaborate

Business Joensuu has joined the Finnish Enterprise Agencies (Suomen Uusyrityskeskukset ry) as a member since March 1, 2024. Through this partnership, Business Joensuu will now be involved in the national Enterprise Agencies expert network. Furthermore, Business Joensuu will equip aspiring entrepreneurs with a range of new resources, including support materials, financial tools, research findings, statistical data, and training opportunities, to aid them in their venture into entrepreneurship.

Business Joensuu offers confidential assistance for planning entrepreneurship, launching, and developing a business. Our services include refining ideas, creating business plans, exploring financing options, handling necessary permits and registrations, applying for start-up grants, managing taxes, and registering the business. During our small group coaching sessions for start-ups, entrepreneurs often make their first connections within the entrepreneurial network.

Collaborating with the Finnish Enterprise Agencies grants our clients access to a range of invaluable resources, including the latest entrepreneurship materials and tools. These include the Guide to Entrepreneurship for aspiring entrepreneurs, a comprehensive business plan template, as well as national online entrepreneurship briefings and training sessions. Additionally, our clients benefit from the expertise of the Enterprise Agencies' experienced entrepreneurs' expert network, which provides free advisory services tailored to their specific needs. This support extends to various aspects of their business operations, encompassing accounting, financial management, legal matters, contracts, and insurance-related issues.

- Our shared mission with the Enterprise Agencies is to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable business development throughout Finland. Tuomo Roivas, Director of Business Services at Business Joensuu, emphasizes that collaboration strengthens business establishment and growth in our region, thereby supporting the economy of Eastern Finland and creating new jobs.

For more information:

Tuomo Roivas, Director, Business Development Services, +358 400 891 391

Finnish Enterprise Agencies
The Finnish Enterprise Agencies is the cooperative organization of Finland's 31 regional Enterprise Agencies. Regional Enterprise Agencies provide free of charge and confidential business advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and those planning a business. The aim of their activities is to lower the threshold for entrepreneurship and promote the emergence of new entrepreneurship in Finland. Enterprise Agencies serve over 15,000 individuals planning entrepreneurship annually. About half of them start a business, and some also start entrepreneurial work through various light entrepreneurship services.

According to impact research, 80% of businesses that have used Enterprise Agencies' services are operational after five years, compared to 50% of all businesses. The research also indicates that businesses established through the Enterprise Agency create an average of 1.3 person-years of employment in their founding year. Within five years, the number of person-years doubles to 2.6 person-years. On an annual basis, this means approximately 10,000 new jobs.

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