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Joensuu is a globally unique and interconnected forest bioeconomy hub, where all levels of forest education, world-class companies, and top-tier research converge.

We cultivate future attractive forest innovation and expertise through collaboration between cutting-edge research, education, and world-class companies. Joensuu, the European Forest Capital, is the leading international player in forest bioeconomy, accelerating the emergence of planet-restoring solutions that play a crucial role in combatting climate change, forest fires and loss of biodiversity.

Over the decades, the hub of wood processing has evolved into a leading forest industry cluster. We are creating new opportunities, modernizing old practices, and shaping the future of forest bioeconomy. New innovations emerge by combining expertise in materials with other strengths in the region, such as photonics and emerging technologies. Nature-based solutions are utilized in nearly every field, from cosmetics to food industry and construction.

By leading the industry, we enable a diverse future for forests everywhere. We want to ensure that forests provide well-being also for future generations.

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Forest & Photonics - part of the International Conference for Sustainable Resource Society - ICS24

Forestry and photonics experts gather in Joensuu at the turn of October-November. Find out more about the content on the event's website. 

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Global leader in digital forestry

World-class business network

Top business sectors of our region are the forest and wood product industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing and technology. Joensuu is at the forefront of forest industry digitalization, as well as the collection and analysis of forest and natural resource data.

World's largest forest machine factory of John Deere is located in Joensuu. Circular economy and the holistic potential of forests are at the core of new innovations.

600 companies

6000 jobs

2 bn. € turnover

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Unique education path

Professionals for the future forest bioeconomy

In Joensuu, you can study to become a professional in forest bioeconomy at three different education levels.

University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium Riveria educate highly regarded experts in the field of forest bioeconomy, ranging from practical professionals to academic doctoral candidates.

Forest industry professionals are at the forefront of creating responsible and sustainable solutions for the future.


Forest Joensuu News

24.11.2023 Green transition
The renewable energy cluster being developed in the Biotie industrial park took a step forward on Thursday, November 23, as the foundations of Joensuu Biocoal production facility were celebrated.

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Forest Joensuu partners

Joensuu is the only place in the world where all levels of forest education, cutting-edge research, practical processes and world-class companies meet.

Business Joensuu Plus sign

Our business-friendly region is an ideal place to grow innovative ideas, business and capital. Business Joensuu is your partner on the road to growth and internationalisation. We together with our networks provide you with solid expertise and information about local conditions and opportunities.

Business Joensuu operates in the Joensuu region and in Central Karelia - in an area comprising nine municipalities, 125,000 inhabitants and 7,500 companies. We offer services for launching companies, growth and internationalisation, investing and relocating, and the facility and event services of Joensuu Science Park.

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Joensuu City Plus sign

In Joensuu, the role of forests has always been significant. Today, as the European Forest Capital, Joensuu is a provincial center surrounded by thriving forests, where forestry education, cutting-edge research, practical expertise, and business converge.

Joensuu offers its residents a variety of job- and educational opportunities related to forests. Forests also play a significant role in promoting the well-being and health of the city's residents.

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UEF - University of Eastern Finland Plus sign

The University of Eastern Finland is Finland's most versatile research university. The School of Forest Sciences is an internationally renowned research and education unit.

Sustainable management and use of forests require diverse scientific and professional expertise. Two thirds of the students are international students. The international reach of the programme is further enhanced by exchange students and other visitors – over 100 international students or researchers work yearly at our university.

The School of Forest Sciences is strongly connected with forestry industry stakeholders, and its research is at the forefront of international excellence.

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences Plus sign

Karelia University of Applied Sciences educates forestry engineers in close collaboration with the industry. The development of the forestry sector requires a sustainable approach to forest utilization, and the field continually needs more fresh expertise and new innovations.

Graduates from Karelia University of Applied Sciences work in diverse roles within businesses based on renewable natural resources and their sustainable utilization. 

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Riveria Plus sign

North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium Riveria trains professionals for diverse roles in the forestry sector.

Upon graduation, these experts can work in positions such as forest machine operators or technicians, timber truck drivers, forestry and forest service providers, forestry entrepreneurs, or forest service entrepreneurs.

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Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE Plus sign

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research organisation operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland.

Luke’s task is to promote competitive business based on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources, as well as wellbeing and the vitality of the countryside.

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