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Your company may have potential customers around the world. The road to international markets may already be clear when setting up a company or become clearer along the way. To succeed, you need the will to grow and a clear idea of what your products and services have to offer. The decision on internationalisation is yours - we just speed up your journey.


International Business Coaching

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International recruitment service

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Employment and recruitment services

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Maximize your company's success in internationalisation

Checklist for an internationalising company

The company has the will for international growth and a goal-oriented internationalisation strategy, which is supported by the owners, the board of directors and the personnel.
An overwhelming competitive advantage is at or can be increased to the level required by the international market.
Ensure funding for internationalisation.
Resourcing the competence of key persons in international business.
Explore markets, competitors and demand.
Select the most suitable internationalisation operating model for your company.
Choosing and prioritising target markets.
Finding and choosing resellers or partners.
Construction, management and efficiency of sales channels.
Implement a market entry strategy and launch activities on a new market.
Networking, events and programmes for those interested in developing international business


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The service is free of charge for our customers and is intended for all companies in the Business Joensuu operating area interested in internationalisation and the recruitment of an international employees.




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