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New expertise and growth from international experts and professionals

An international recruitment service

Has your company encountered challenges in finding skilled employees and experts in Finland? Would you like to boost your company's competitiveness by recruiting international experts? We help you recruit skilled professionals from abroad and get them settled smoothly in the Joensuu region. Our service is suitable for all growth-oriented companies.

Skilled workers play an important role in the development and competitiveness of the company. In many fields, competition for talent is fierce and the lack of proper expertise is often a barrier for operational capacity and growth in a company. It is not always possible to find the employees you need in your area or even elsewhere in Finland, which means you need to look further. Even if the company's operations are not international in any way, recruiting an employee from abroad is seen in many ways as a positive solution that promotes the company's operations. International experts bring valuable new knowledge and experience to the company, which promotes the creation of a diverse work community and accelerates business development. Experts from different backgrounds help identify new business opportunities, expand contact networks and promote the company's internal and external opportunities for internationalisation.

Our international recruiting expert helps you find the right experts for your company quickly and easily. Together with our partners in the target countries, we help you throughout the recruitment process and support you in helping the new recruit and their immediate family settle in the Joensuu region. We tailor our service to meet your business needs.

International experts as enablers of companies' renewal and growth

  • You will ensure the availability of skilled labour regardless of whether you are active in international markets or only in local markets.
  • You will build a long-term and permanent recruitment channel with us according to your needs.
  • You will strengthen your company's competitiveness with skilled employees.
  • You will easily utilise our existing partners, networks and channels to recruit employees from abroad. You won't have to spend your time finding out and learning things, or finding the right and reliable partners. We will do it for you.
  • You will evolve your work community and its international atmosphere and approaches.
  • You will receive support to help establish and make your international recruit and possibly their immediate family comfortable in the area.
  • You will receive support for developing your company into a genuinely international work community from the first stages.

Recruiting international experts and their settlement as a service

  • We will determine the potential target areas and partners together with your company.
  • We will jointly define the competence that needs to be recruited and the skills needed in the work.
  • We will help find potential recruits for the customer company to interview.
  • As a result of the successful recruitment of a new employee, we will guide the new employee to services that help them settle in the area and also support their immediate family’s move to the area.

 Recommended entry-level requirements for a company to apply for service for recruiting internationally:

  • Your company is located in the Joensuu area, is willing to move to the area, or is connected to the area through its operations. There is no sector and size limit for companies.
  • Your company has a longer-term need for new employees.
  • Your company needs specific expertise.
  • Your company is growing and becoming international.

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Case Karelics Oy

Watch a video on the recruitment of experts from abroad for Karelics Oy in Joensuu.

Watch a video about international recruitment services and talent attraction.