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Start Me Up 2023: Sparring day for your business idea 21.3.2023


Sparring and guidance from our business coaches to work on your Start Me Up competition idea is available on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 3-5 pm at Joensuu Tiedepuisto or on Teams!

Did you know that participants in the Start Me Up business idea competition do not have to enter the competition cold? Business Joensuu's coaches give free guidance and sparring to all those who want to participate in the competition in all questions related to your idea: 

  • Support in filling out the information for your competition idea in the competition form.
  • Support in working your business idea.

Sparring day is a perfect opportunity to challange your idea towards the next stages of the competition and the best winning idea! Anyone interested in the business idea competition, considering submitting an competition idea, and have already submitted an idea, can register for sparring day. 

Please remember that the business idea competition is open until 31 March, 2023 - you still have time to participate with one or several ideas - alone or in a group.
Participation instructions

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