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Is your company willing to grow on the international market?

Internationalisation coaching programme

Are you aiming for global growth for your company? Join our community of globally growing companies in North Karelia! During the internationalisation coaching programme, you will receive guidance and prepare for the launch or expansion of export activities by developing your company's competence, operating environment, growth plan and networks.

During the internationalisation coaching programme, you will learn to increase your company's business competence and operational capacity for launching or expanding internationalisation. For example, we help you clarify your company's internationalisation strategy, story, sales message and competitive advantage based on your needs. Through practical work, we help you sell your products and services to selected target markets. You will work on a growth plan and get the tools for building sustainable export activities with the aim of creating a permanent international business operating model for your company.

Success in the international market

  • The competence and ability of the key persons in your company's international business will grow quickly in a practical, efficient manner through coaching methods.
  • You will develop your company's business and growth management to an international level.
  • Your company can achieve a significant competitive advantage in the export market, enabling profitable growth.
  • You will learn from practical examples how internationalisation should be launched, avoiding typical pitfalls.
  • Based on the internationalisation strategy, you will create a growth plan as well as objectives and measures for new markets.
  • You will network with financiers, experts and other growth companies.
  • In a long-term coaching package, we are with you on your journey as mentors.
  • If necessary, we will also help international experts and professionals find and recruit key personnel.

Internationalisation coaching modules

The duration of the internationalisation coaching programme is 1-1.5 years depending on your needs and consists of the following contents:

  1. Determining your needs
  2. Clarification of the international strategy
  3. A service proposal that includes, for example, the following coaching modules as needed:
    • Sales message clarification
    • Basics of digital sales and marketing
    • Finding and selecting service providers and managing consultancy work
    • Choosing and prioritising target markets
    • Options for entering the market
    • Construction, management and efficiency of sales channels
    • Finding and choosing resellers or partners
    • Financing internationalisation
    • Team Finland global network services
  4. A long-term mentoring training period during which the selected internationalisation measures will be implemented.
  5. North Karelia's internationalising companies' community engagement and empowerment create shared value and support between co-companies to seize new commercial opportunities in foreign markets.

Apply for an internationalisation coaching

The application process for coaching is open. Prepare your company for international growth and register for coaching and the community of internationalising companies in North Karelia! Contact us to find out more!

Recommended entry-level for a company joining for coaching:

  • Your company is located in North Karelia, is willing to move to the area, or is connected to the area through its operations. The training has been optimised for SMEs, but there is no sector and size limit for companies.
  • Your company has the desire for internationalisation and growth and it is supported by the owners and management.
  • Your company's products and services are at the level required by the international market or can be improved to fit it.
  • Your company's competence and capabilities are at a sufficient level or raising the level is possible, and there is a willingness and ability to invest enough for this improvement, especially from a financial perspective.
  • In terms of success, it is essential that the participants in the coaching are key persons in the internationalisation of the company. 1-3 persons from your company may participate.