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More energy for entrepreneurship!

Short-term group coaching for small entrepreneurs


Are you looking for ways to develop your company's operations? In our group coaching, you get to identify your company's most important development measures for the following year or two and receive comprehensive support for implementing the measures.

V!rtaa is an effective "entrepreneur's timeout" for small businesses, which provides the time and place to stop in the midst of everyday hurry to think about your personal and your company's activities and development together with other entrepreneurs. Warning: enthusiasm and ideology can be contagious in this group! 

The coaching includes:

  • Three workshops: Workshops last 3.5 hours and are held every week.

  • A follow-up meeting after three months.

  • Learning more about Business Joensuu's comprehensive support services for business development. 

The coaching is suitable for you if… 

  •  You want to clarify your goals and find development measures for the next 1-2 years,

  • you can commit to the coaching for 3 weeks, and

  • your company's turnover is under €600,000.

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