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Reliable, competent and reachable

Primetalous Oy Heidi Laaninen with her laptop on the table, Business Joensuu 2023, picture Jarno Artika

The desire to develop and become developed is characteristic of PrimeTalous Oy's entrepreneur Heidi Laaninen. After working for years as an employee at an accounting firm, she chose entrepreneurship in 2018. These days, Laaninen's company serves a wide range of companies and organisations from North Karelia to Savo and from Uusimaa to south-western Finland.

- Becoming an entrepreneur was not a spontaneous decision. I had been thinking for a long time that I could become so good at this job that it would be possible to become self-employed, Heidi Laaninen

Laaninen has always wanted to learn and develop herself. She completed a vocational qualification in business and first found work at an accounting firm.

- The work proved to be very interesting. I became interested in studying more about financial administration and taxation on my own initiative. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree while working. In addition, I completed the KLT qualification for bookkeeping and accounting in 2021. Before that, I also managed to study the vocational qualification for landlords. Becoming authorised at the accounting firm was next in early 2022, Laaninen finishes her list, noting that taking the easiest way is not her thing.

Value of agility

PrimeTalous offers a comprehensive range of services: setting up a business and business advisory services, financial administration, financial statements, tax returns and payroll. Heidi Laaninen lists agility, flexibility, people-oriented service and reliability as her company's competitive advantages. The range of services is offered in North Karelian style without unnecessary bells and whistles.

The financial administration sector has been undergoing strong centralisation until recent years. The sector has also experienced a high turnover of employees. Customers have not always been pleased by the trend.

- I have received a lot of direct and good feedback from my customers. It is very clear that customers appreciate the fact that a familiar accounting partner can be easily reached by phone.

Heidi Laaninen has so far worked alone in her company. She does have the desire for growth, but until now, small premises have created problems. As we speak, she has already found a more open space with its own entrance in Karhunmäki, Joensuu.

Primetalous Oy Heidi Laaninen, Business Joensuu 2023, Photo Jarno Artika

Growth potential detected

Business Coach Mervi Leminen from Business Joensuu had followed the development of PrimeTalous with interest. Leminen proactively contacted Laaninen, stating that the company appeared to be growing. Business Joensuu offered training and sparring for growth needs.

- Well, at that moment, I was busy with the customers' financial statements. The idea stayed in my mind, and I went back to it later. In November last year, I participated in the VIRTAA coaching provided by Business Joensuu.

The VIRTAA training includes three 3.5-hour workshops, which are organised every week. After the workshop period, the coaching group meets for a follow-up meeting.

- Strengthening faith in yourself and encouragement - this is what the VIRTAA coaching offered. Thinking about things related to entrepreneurship by yourself is not enough. In a group and in interaction with other entrepreneurs, you learn to look at things much more extensively. Exchanges of opinions and experiences in the group were rewarding, says Heidi Laaninen.

With all the enthusiasm for learning new things and developing, the entrepreneur thought that the duration of the coaching could have been longer. Business Joensuu also offers many other opportunities for development services and support for growth.

- That’s right - we also found out more about these development paths in VIRTAA coaching.

”Strengthening faith in yourself and encouragement - this is what the VIRTAA coaching offered”

Text: Sirkka-Liisa Aaltonen/Viestintä Ässä Oy

Photo: Jarno Artika

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