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Nearly 1.2 billion euros worth of green investments are underway in North Karelia

The renewable energy cluster being developed in the Biotie industrial park took a step forward on Thursday, November 23, as the foundations of Joensuu Biocoal production facility were celebrated.
The operation of the largest industrial-scale torrefied biomass production facility in Europe is set to commence on the site of Savon Voima's electricity and heat power plant at the beginning of 2025. Biotie is also advancing significant investment projects in green hydrogen and solar power.
In total, there are 25 green business investments underway in North Karelia. Energy-related investments amount to over 650 million euros, and business projects related to bio- and forest-based economy exceed 500 million euros.
There are 13 ongoing projects related to clean energy involving hydrogen, wind power, and solar power, with the majority focusing on solar power. Twelve major bio- and forestry projects are also in the pipeline.
"These investments have a tremendous significance for the development of the entire region. We are on the threshold of a major transformation, and we look to the future with confidence. It is now crucial to strengthen the grid in North Karelia, as it would expedite the implementation of many projects," says Jarno Turunen, the communications manager at the North Karelia Regional Council.
Green investments have been compiled in collaboration between the North Karelia Regional Council and the region's business development companies. The list includes projects that have the potential to be realized over the next four years. Implementation schedules and budgets may be refined as planning progresses. Some business projects are already under construction.
The list includes only those company-specific details that companies have previously disclosed themselves. There are 9 projects on this list. There are also many other investments in progress, with companies providing information according to their own schedules.
"Our list demonstrates the strong development ambition of our region. I believe that the state and Fingrid also want to be involved in strengthening the grid when such a large number of companies are committed to investing in the region," says Tomi Haring, CEO of Business Joensuu.
For more information, contact Jarno Turunen, Communications Manager at the North Karelia Regional Council, phone: 0400 818 352, or Tomi Haring, CEO of Business Joensuu Oy, phone: 0400 380 130.
Source: Press release / Regional Council of North Karelia 23.11.2023

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