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Strengthen your skills and lead your business to the next level

Management coaching


Are you leading your company to growth and have already participated in Grow/Grow² growth coaching? In our coaching, you will develop your own management capabilities to the level required for growth and get a long-term guided peer support group to support your growth. 

LEAD coaching is a long-term and inspiring development process of your entrepreneurship and leadership in good company. You will recognise your own growth potential for leadership and gain new skills and ways to manage your company's growth while engaging your work community.   

The year-long management coaching process includes: 

  • Group meetings held every month (4 h per meeting).

  • Personal coaching at times agreed upon with you. 

The coaching is suitable for you if...

  • You want to develop yourself and your management skills,
  • you are driving your business to growth with determination,
  • you want to lead your people in the best possible way.
  • you have already completed a Grow or Grow² coaching programme, and
  • your company's turnover is about €600,000–€10,000,000. 

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