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Startup development programme for rapid growth

Growth from Business Accelerator

Everyone has the possibility to succeed. Business Accelerator is a business development programme in which we accelerate the business operations of early-stage companies, the creation of new innovations and goal-oriented growth.

At Business Accelerator, we prepare our company for growth in a competitive, profitable and credible manner. During the development programme, your company receives intensive guidance, support and new views for the development of business and innovations as well as for acquiring funding and the right networks. You will create a sustainable business strategy and a long-term growth plan for starting, establishing and expanding your business. In addition to start-up companies, our accelerator is open to the spin-offs of companies that have been operating for longer.

To succeed, each growth company needs the right business networks, contacts with investors and other actors in the sector. At the accelerator, you will get to network with different parties. The Start Up Fund Joensuu works in close cooperation with Business Accelerator, which brings together your company's growth potential and funding opportunities.

Accelerate coaching modules and process

Working in Business Accelerator is based on regular coaching meetings which take place at least 12 times a year. In addition to Business Joensuu's experienced business coaches, you have access to a number of external experts whose lectures and coaching sessions you can participate in. In addition, the coaching programme includes training and events that are suitable for your company's needs.

Business Accelerator carries out long-term development work for 1-3 years. The content of the coaching consists of the following coaching modules, depending on your company's needs:

  • Determining your needs
  • In-depth business strategy
  • Business development and management (board and management team work model)
  • Company’s finances, acquiring financing
  • Unbeatable customer benefit
  • Product development, technologies
  • Production
  • IPR
  • Sales and sales management
  • International business
  • Digitalisation
  • Marketing communications
  • Service design

When to apply to a Business Accelerator?

  • You are a motivated, innovative entrepreneur, start-up or spin-off company aiming for goal-oriented development and growth.
  • You want to clarify your business strategy and scale your business for fast and profitable growth.
  • Your business has the potential for internationalisation.
  • Your company is located in the Business Joensuu operation area, is willing to move to the region, or is connected to the area through its operations.