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Joensuu-based Katriina Nuutinen designed the European Forest City of the Year Award for EFI

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The European Forest Institute (EFI) annually awards the European Forest City of the Year Award to a city hosting EFI's annual conference. The 2023 EFI conference took place on September 20-22 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Joensuu-based designer Katriina Nuutinen designed and crafted the Novi Sad award artwork.

- It was EFI's wish that the artwork would be made from oak, which is an important material for Serbia. The oak leaf is also present in EFI's logo. This gave me the idea of an acorn, symbolizing new beginnings as well as hope. I wish the acorn to serve as a reminder of the importance of nurturing forests, Nuutinen explains.

Currently, forests cover 35% of the entire European landscape, nurturing biodiversity and providing products and services that support rural sustainability and urban well-being. Forests are crucial ecosystems, contributing to the sustainability of critical resources such as water and soil. Forests also play a central role in adapting to and mitigating climate change.
In urbanized European societies, the role of forests as providers of products, well-being, health, and other societal benefits is easily overlooked. The European Forest Institute aims to increase awareness among the public and policymakers about European forests and promote their diversity, significance, and societal impact.
The European Forest Institute's headquarters are located in Joensuu, with the goal of advancing international forest research and providing decision-makers with unbiased forest-related information. Since 2014, the European Forest Institute has awarded the title of 'European Forest City' to a city hosting EFI's annual conference.
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 Photos: Katriina Nuutinen, photographer: Jyri Keronen

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