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Revisol Oy Janne Haavisto: increasing recycling rate through logistics and innovation

Mies seisoo kiertotalousyritys Revisol Oy:n pihassa metallikontin edessä

Revisol Oy is an agile, medium-sized circular economy company that is currently preparing its sixth location in Marjala, Joensuu. Locating in Joensuu is a strategic choice for the company whose services cover the entire middle part of Finland.

Recycling, circular economy, material recovery – all of these things are familiar and proven to be beneficial. As early as 2012, the Finnish Government issued a decree according to which 70% of construction waste must be recycled for material recovery. All operations had to comply with the decree by 2020. The law also requires source separation of construction waste. That being said, the reality is that all different types of waste are often dumped into the same waste skip.

-  Many are still lagging behind regarding the objectives. The idea of Revisol is simply to strive for better, says Janne Haavisto, CEO of Revisol.

The vibrant city of Joensuu

Revisol's customer sectors include industry, construction, demolition, trade, real estate management and agriculture. These sectors produce many recyclable waste components, such as wood, plastic, metal, brick, concrete, glass and other construction and demolition waste. 

There is plenty of work to do in the circular economy. Revisol is not worried about tomorrow and the well-being of the environment without a reason. This is why the company has expanded from its home office in Seinäjoki to Vaasa, Tampere, Kaskinen, Kuopio and now also Joensuu.

-  The capitals of regions, the vibrant clusters of industry, are our thing. Geographical footholds and national customer relationships are needed, as recycled material often consists of small batches. Cooperation between operators in the recycling sector is also needed. Even a large operator cannot manage alone; networking is crucial.

Revisol wants to cooperate with both private and public sector operators. 

-  Everyone benefits when the range of services in a region expands.

The Marjala location is progressing in phases

Revisol, founded in 1981, had a turnover of over €13 million in its last financial year. The company has about 80 employees. Logistics are largely managed by own equipment and people, but external partners are also needed. 

Revisol opened the discussion on the possibility of locating in Joensuu with Business Joensuu already in the winter of 2020. Business Joensuu also helped Revisol to prepare a project and investment plan.

-  We asked about our plot options, and options we received. Business Joensuu and the City of Joensuu provided us with the assistance we needed – contacts with key actors in the area were arranged effortlessly. The sub-region has welcomed us with open arms, we want for nothing. It is up to us now, Haavisto sums up.

Revisol received its environmental permit decision already in 2020. The site preparation work in the Marjala plot has been completed. Revisol is currently in the process of purchasing an industrial hall, the deliveries are scheduled for September. At first, Marjala serves as an intermediate storage for recycled materials, and the Kuopio unit is utilised in their processing. 

-  The Marjala unit is about half a year behind its original schedule. The delay was partly due to us taking a circular economy project forward at the same time in Kaskinen. A small delay is not going to be a problem at all. Creating something new always requires a lot of work.

After the first phase, the Marjala construction project will continue in the second phase in which office space will be built on the plot. 

Revisol's Janne Haavisto was already familiar with Joensuu before contacting Business Joensuu. Revisol was a customer of the engineering firm Jodec Oy for several years. Jodec is located in the Joensuu Science Park, and its services include mechanical design, sheet metal and steel structure design, mechanics of materials and machine safety. 

“The sub-region has welcomed us with open arms”


Text: Sirkka-Liisa Aaltonen/Viestintä Ässä Oy

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