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November 23-24, 2023 at Joensuu Science Park

Students' Hack Me Up Ideation Competition

Download the Hack Me Up competition info package, where you will find instructions and tips along with the team details. The PDF material is in English.

Download the PDF presentation: Idea generation with AI by Heikki Immonen/Karelia University of Applied Sciences. 

Click to the Hack Me Up competition system, where teams submit their solutions to sustainability challenges in either Finnish or English.

Collaborate with Businesses to Brainstorm Climate-Smart Solutions in Joensuu

Join the Hack Me Up competition, taking place on Friday and Saturday, November 24-25, 2023, at Joensuu Hall, Joensuu lyseo upper secondary school, in Joensuu Science Park. The Joensuu Hall is located in the 3A building on the third floor. Address: Länsikatu 15, 80100 Joensuu.

Merge your creativity with sustainability in the Hack Me Up Ideation Competition

Sharpen your thinking and brainstorm climate-smart solutions for the benefit of businesses, communities, and households' sustainability. With your creativity, you can help reduce carbon footprints and/or enhance carbon handprints, promoting positive climate actions in both businesses and households in Joensuu.

The competition is organised in collaboration with the Climate Joensuu 2025 and Innocities Joensuu projects, along with esteemed partner companies.

Evaluation Criteria for Ideas

The judges will assess the functionality, feasibility, user experience, and novelty of the ideas.

How to Participate?

Submit your registration information for Hack Me Up Competition by Monday November 20, 2023 at 4:00 PM.

You can register individually or form a team of 2-5 members. If you choose to register individually, the competition organisers will assist in forming a team on your behalf. You can also provide the contact details of a pre-formed team in the registration form.


Hack Me Up culminates in the prize-giving ceremony on Saturday, November 25, 2023. The top teams will be rewarded!

1st prize: 1,000 euros
2nd prize: 500 euros

Additionally, the winner of the Speedhack phase of the Hack Me UP Competition will be awarded a prize of 500 euros.

The prize is taxable income for all members of the winning teams. Presentation of tax cards is required to receive the prize. All members of the winning teams must submit their tax cards to the organizer of the Hack Me Up competition, Business Joensuu, by December 5, 2023, at 9:00 AM at the latest.

If you wish to refine your idea, consider participating in the Start Me Up Business Idea Competition!

Is your team eager to take the idea to the next level? The Start Me Up Business Idea Competition offers students the opportunity to further develop and refine their ideas through collaboration with a partner company. The Start Me Up Business Idea Competition runs from February 1st to March 31st, 2024.

Companies sustainability challenges


atFlow Oy's sustainability challenge:
Climate-smart e-commerce

Challenge description:

How can the carbon footprint of e-commerce businesses be reduced, and the positive environmental impacts of online shopping be enhanced through innovative methods and tools?


- The online shopping process from the perspective of the e-commerce customer. What will the future purchasing process look like in a climate-smart e-commerce setting?

Additional details about the challenge (PDF in Finnish)

Joensuun lyseon lukio_logo

Joensuun lyseon lukio, Lyseo upper secondary education sustainability challenge: 
Reducing food waste in student dining

Challenge description:

How to reduce the amount of organic waste in student dining?
What should be done with surplus food?


- How should student dining be improved to decrease the amount of organic waste?
- How can students' behavior be guided to minimize food waste?
- What methods can be used to utilize surplus food, thus avoiding it going to waste?

Additional details about the challenge (PDF in Finnish)


Joensuu Regional Public Transport (JOJO) sustainability challenge:
Improve public transportation in the Joensuu region to meet the leisure needs of students
- promoting environmentally conscious commuting

Challenge description:

Develop creative, practical, and realistic ideas and measures to enhance the Joensuu regional public transportation (JOJO) to meet the leisure needs of students and to encourage environmentally conscious mobility.


- Public transportation already provides access to various outdoor and recreational destinations in the Joensuu area, although it may not always be top of mind.
- How can existing connections to outdoor and recreational destinations be improved?
- How could JOJO develop routes and schedules that align optimally with students' leisure needs?
- How can schedules and JOJO services be made more appealing?
- How can the accessibility of public transportation be improved, enabling students to more easily reach recreational and leisure destinations within the JOJO area?
- What incentives and services could be offered?

Additional details about the challenge (PDF in Finnish)

Kolin Matkailu Oy_Koli_logo

Koli Travel Oy's sustainability challenge: 
To be annouced soon

Challenge description:

To be announced soon.


North Karelia Marthas' sustainability challenge: 
Enhancing sorting and recycling in households

Challenge Description:

How to prevent waste generation and improve household sorting?
How to reduce plastic waste in households?
How can we easily implement waste sorting at home (methods, collection containers, etc.)?


- Waste is a material waiting to be sorted. By sorting waste—separating materials suitable for reuse (such as plastic, metal, and paper)—we enable the reuse of materials in manufacturing new products, conserving natural resources, and saving both the environment and money.

Additional details about the challenge (PDF in Finnish)

Savon Voima Oyj_logo

Savon Voima Oyj's sustainability challenge: 
Smart and climate-friendly district heating

Challenge Description:

What should smart and environmentally-friendly district heating look like in the future?
In what creative ways could the data collected by district heating companies be utilized to achieve an intelligent and climate-smart district heating system?


-In Finland, heating buildings accounts for approximately a quarter of all energy consumption, and at the personal level, housing and related energy use contribute to about 25% of the carbon footprint of the Finnish population.

-District heating emissions have decreased by half over the past ten years and are expected to be reduced to one-third of the current levels over the next 10 years. However, there are still significant development needs in district heating. Unlike the past, where the supply water temperature of district heating was determined by outdoor temperatures, modern automation now takes into account temperature fluctuations, weather data, room temperature, building mass, and optimizes the supply water temperature based on these factors. 

Additional details about the challenge (PDF in Finnish)

Hack Me Up Competition Instructions and Schedule

Friday, November 24, 2023 - Competition Kick-off and Speedhacking Phase:

  • Teams brainstorm and rapidly generate solutions for sustainability challenges presented by companies.
  • Each team is free to select one (1) sustainability challenge.
  • The competition organiser assigns two (2) additional sustainability challenges to each team.
  • Each team produces a minimum of 3 ideas for each of the three (3) sustainability challenges and submits a concise solution description for each in the competition system. The solution description should be brief (character limits apply), and teams are encouraged to include visual elements in their preferred format.
  • Competition organizers mentor and provide guidance to teams during the ideation process.
  • Teams are encouraged to use AI to assist in idea generation.

Saturday, November 25, 2023 - Idea Development and Presentation:

  • Teams choose and delve deeper into only one (1) selected solution idea. This results in a more detailed solution description of the idea.
  • Competition organizers mentor and provide guidance to teams during the ideation process.
  • Teams present their solution descriptions to the judging panel. There is a time restriction for presentations: a maximum of 5 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for judges' feedback and questions.
  • Students must remain at the competition venue until the announcement of the winners. 
  • The judging panel selects the winners: the top (2) ideas from the Hack Me Up competition, and the idea with the most votes in the Friday Speedhacking phase will be rewarded.
Hack Me Up schedule - Friday, November 24, 2023




13.00 - 13.30

Welcome! Student registration and team formation.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school

13.30 - 14.00

Opening words, assignment, and competition instructions.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school

14.00 - 15.00

Inspiring Keynotes:

  • Pinja Leino and Opri Orenius, climate experts of the Climate Joensuu 2025 program, city of Joensuu

  • Heikki Immonen, Entrepreneurship Lecturer, Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school

15.00 - 20.00 

Working in teams begins! Brainstorming and refining ideas for sustainability challenges.

Judges and companies will mentor the ideas.

A light dinner will be served during the working session around 17.30 - 18.30.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school

20.00 - 20.30

Recap of the work and introduction to the next day.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school


Hack Me Up schedule - Saturday, November 25, 2023




9.00 - 13.00

Teamwork continues! Teams develop one (1) chosen solution idea with the aim of creating a winning concept.

Judges and companies will mentor the ideas.

During the working session, there will be a soup lunch around 12.00 - 13.00.

The judging panel scores the ideas from the teams in the Friday Speedhacking phase.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school

13.00 - 15.00

All teams present their solution ideas to the judging panel.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school

15.00 - 15.45

Judging and selection of the winners.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school

15.45 - 16.30 

The excitement builds up! Announcement and awarding of the winners of the Hack Me Up ideation competition and the Speedhacking phase!
Summary of the competition.
The event ends by 16.30.

Joensuu Hall at Joensuun lyseo upper secondary school


Further information

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Material for the Hack Me Up 2023 Ideation Competition has been produced as a part of the Climate Joensuu 2025 project and the activities of the Joensuu City's Innovation Ecosystem Agreement (EAKR). The Climate Joensuu project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the City of Joensuu. The Innocities Joensuu project is co-financed by the European Union and the City of Joensuu.